Elizabeth Whitaker
Industrial Design

Design for Emotional Connection
with Uncommon Goods

While working with Uncommon Goods, I developed consumer products and gifts that tied into cultural movements and built bonds between people. I had the opportunity to create from a place of play and whimsy, and loved hearing directly from customers how they connected with my designs.

Most of the items were created in collaboration with makers in the US and all were developed with ethical and environmental practices, in keeping with Uncommon Goods’ B Corporation certification.

Elevating the Everyday 
with Dave and Jenny Marrs

I worked within a small team of designers to create collections bringing the Fixer To Fabulous stars’ clean but cozy aesthetic to a broad audience. My role included market research, 3D modeling, rendering, creating technical drawings, and collaborating with manufacturing partners. We created indoor and outdoor collections of furniture, lighting and homewares as a new brand under Better Homes and Gardens.

Computer Aided Design & Manufacture 
with Bhold

As part of a small startup, I assisted the founder in the development of 3D printed consumer products. I ideated and sketched new designs, built 3D models, prototyped, managed the company’s user testing program, and worked closely with production. We exhibited at Maker Faires, 3D PrintShow and New York Now and participated as artists in residence at the Museum of Art and Design’s Out of Hand exhibition. Work created at Bhold was featured in the New York Times and sold in the New Museum’s gift shop.
FILE 23764—39/23DBE

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